McCarter Community Club offers four membership options that are available to the public pending availablity and approval of the application.  For any of our memberships, we offer an Extended Swim feature which allows members to sign a waiver and purchase a key card to be used for extended access when there is not a lifeguard on duty.  There are specific rules for this feature that are included in the waiver and must be honored to maintain safety.  Household Memberships are available with or without the Extended Swim feature, as are Individual Memberships.  For our members that or older and have held consistent memberships, we offer a Sustainer Membership that is approved by the Board.  Please see specific details under the MEMBERSHIP DETAILS tab.  If you are ready to submit an application, please go to the link to JOIN OUR WAITING LIST.  This will allow us to begin evaluating the application and offer a membership as it becomes available