McCarter Community Club was born out of the foresight and generous spirit of the earliest neighbors in Lake Forest Heights.  Mr. Upchurch and others coordinated with T.A. McCarter, whose family had lived and farmed all the land that would become the neighborhood.  With a gifted tract of land in the beautiful wooded end of McCarter Avenue, the McCarter family provided the site for a neighborhood amenity that still thrives and provides a place for activity and community each summer.  As the neighborhood and pool grew together, McCarter helped establish and grow the SAIL swimming league in Greenville.  In the 56 years since it’s inception, McCarter has maintained a devoted and competitive swim team.  McCarter also demonstrated resilience during the lean years, when the cyclical nature of neighborhoods threatened the sustainability of a community owned club.  In 2000 a group of neighbors with a deep appreciation for the pool organized to personally fund, plan and oversee a full rebuild of the pool and pool deck and renovation of the facilities building.  Their hard work and generosity lay the framework for a resurgence and steady growth to what is still a thriving neighborhood amenity and place to gather.  The membership of 2020 and future generations owe a great deal of gratitude to all the families that worked to build and sustain the relaxing pool where we can enjoy the long days of summer.


  • 1962 T.A. McCarter and family graciously gift the property to neighbors ready to organize and build a neighborhood pool
  • 1964 McCarter joined three area pools in the first competitive swim meet organized by the Greenville PYA (Parent Youth Association).  Along with Stone Lake, Botany Woods and Chetsu, we helped usher in what would become the SAIL Swimming League
  • 2000 Facing an uncertain future, a handful of devoted neighbors came together to personally fund and oversee a major pool renovation that would ultimately save the pool and spark the growth needed to sustain it for years to come